Lubię Życie


"Lubię Życie" Studio translated from Polish as "I Like Life" Studio... because we like life and we like people. We are a creative agency where we do our best to help you communicate what you want to say. Check out our portfolioto see a selection of our finished projects or our categories section to see what are our areas.


We picked a few projects from our vast portfolio that show our skills and feel of our work. Beginning with illustration, through photo shoots, promo videos, clothing design, ads, logos, ending with historical publications.

We believe the basis for design in every area is complete understanding of its goal and choosing the right means to achieve it. Examples below show the process, decisions taken and final results. Click on the thumbnails to get to know more.


Through our work we would like to help you, your project or your company to successfully communicate what you want to tell the world.

Each project is different and chosen goals can be achieved in different ways. That's why we developed a wide range of tools that will make it happen. Click on icons below to see our work in these areas.


At LŻ Studio we joined different personalities, skill sets and characters in search for unusual solutions. We are a team at work and in daily life. We like life and people.

Tomasz Soin

Founder and a creative brain at LŻ Studio. Gives his best to join his brain's right and left hemispheres in search for results equally beautiful and effective. Graduated as architect and passionate musician.

Monika Szumiło

Founder and manager at LŻ Studio. Specialized in communication. Takes care of needs and expectations of those she works with in a unique way. Creator, visionary and a dreamer that doesn't know a term "impossible".

mery jabłońska

Specialist in everything that is beautiful, visual and stylish. In her spare time explores cities and people to hunt for inspiration for life and work.

Mateusz "Dudek" Jędrys

A master of word, brilliant joke and deep thought. A vivid frontman and MC that makes events memorable experiences.

Marta jędrys

Specialist in make-up that does magic with a hundred of her brushes during filming sets and photo shoots.


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(+48) 509 931 776